Anti-Surge Resistors (RCR)

Thick-film anti-surge resistor handles large pulse loading.

A new range of anti-surge axial leaded power resistors, metal glaze resistive element on ceramic substrates, from Direct Electronics.

A carbon film resistor replacement, the new RCR series thick-film style resistors offer numerous benefits over the previous style devices, namely reduced costs, excellent thermal compliance, optimised a variety of surge capabilities and better solder joint reliability against temperature cycles.

Direct succeeded in commercialising the compact thick-film type leaded resistors with high power and high antisurge characteristics, meeting latest design engineer requirements and making the parts suitable for industrial, measurement and telecommunication applications as well as for automotive circuits, like Electrical Control Units (ECU) and Air-Bag Systems.

The antisurge characteristics of Direct's latest metal glaze power film style resistors are superior to standard metal film resistors. The power film types of RCR resistors are available: 0.25W to 10W power rating, max working voltage up to 3000V and max overload voltage 5000V. The resistance range is 1Ω ~ 100MΩ at operating temperature range -20°C~+155°C.

All RCR series devices are RoHS-compliant, and compatible with high temperature soldering processes normally employed for lead free solders. Resistors are also available in various forming styles and different leads for different applications. Contact us with your specific needs.

Download complete PDF Anti-Surge Resistors (RCR).

Features :
  1. High power at small sizes
  2. Max working voltage up to 3000V
  3. Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant
  4. Operating temperature range: -20°C~+155°C
  5. Metal glaze power film, axial leaded type
  6. Max overload voltage 5000V, Tolerances: J (±5%)
Applications :
  1. Ballasts
  2. Amplifiers
  3. Industrial power supplies
  4. Telecommunications
  5. Household appliances
  6. Automotive circuits, Computer, Instrumentation
Specifications & Dimensions (Unit: mm) (RCR)
Type Power Rating L D d ± 0.05 H
RCR25 1/4W 6.5 ± 1 2.3± 0.5 0.5 ~ 0.6 26 ± 3
RCR50 1/2W 9.5 ± 1 3.4 ± 0.5
RCR100 1W 12.0 ± 1 4.0 ± 0.5 0.7 ~ 0.8
RCR200 2W 16.0 ± 1 6.1 ± 0.5
RCR300 3W 17.5 ± 1 6.0 ± 0.5
RCR500 5W 24.0 ± 1 8.0 ± 0.5
RCR1000 10W max.50 max.10
Power Rating (RCR)
Type Power Rating Max Working Voltage Max Overload Voltage Dielectric With-standing Voltage TCR.(ppm/°C) Resistance Range
Operating Temp.range
RCR25 1/4W 500V 700V 500V ± 350 1 ~ 33M -20°C
RCR50 1/2W 1000V 1500V 600V ± 350 1 ~ 68M
RCR100 1W 1500V 2500V 800V ± 350 1 ~ 100M
RCR200 2W 2000V 3000V 800V ± 350 1 ~ 100M
RCR300 3W 2500V 4000V 1000V ± 350 1 ~ 100M
RCR500 5W 3000V 5000V 1000V ± 350 1 ~ 100M
Loading Conditions (RCR)
Power Resistance Range (Ω) Surge Voltage Anti-Surge Characteristics Surge Test Condition
0.25 W 50K < R 3KV (2.5 Sec. ON + 2.5 Sec. Off)
× 10 Cycles
ΔR ≤ ±(50%R+0.1Ω)
In accordance with IEC
65 Safety specification.
0.5 W 10K ≤ R < 100K 3KV
100K ≤ R < 360K 5KV
360K ≤ R < 1M 7KV
1M ≤ R 10KV
Order Codes (RCR)
RCR50 1/2W 220KR J TB
Power Rating(W)
Resistance Value(Ω)
100R 100Ω
220K 220KΩ
22M 22MΩ
Resistance Tolerance(%)
J ±5%
P Bulk
TB Taping Box