composition resistors

Carbon Composition Resistors (CCR)

High pulse withstanding carbon composition resistors handle big peaks and pulses.

The high pulse withstanding capability of the CCR series of carbon composition resistors from Direct Electronics offers designers a compact solution for applications involving high voltages and high-energy pulses.

Though, many resistor manufacturers claim to offer carbon composition replacements. However, these wirewound or thick film alternatives do not fully match the pulse performance and low inductance of carbon composition.

Direct's CCR series now offers the industry a carbon composition resistor made up of a solid rod of conductive composite material, the chemical composition of which is altered to produce different resistance values.

The main advantage of carbon composition is their pulse handling capability. This is due to the fact that the entire rod conducts and so the thermal mass is far higher, which results in a higher energy capability. Due to the need for higher peak voltages, the CCR range is perfect for vehicle ignition system applications, medical monitoring equipment and as output resistors in defibrillators.

The standard carbon composition CCR resistor offers a power rating of 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W and 2W at 25°C and is made up of a solid rod of conductive composition material, which can be altered to produce different resistance values. With a typical resistance range of 1.8Ω ~ 22KΩ, resistance tolerance is J(±5%), K(±10%) and M(±20%). Resistors with 5%, 10% and 20% tolerance have four bands indicating value and tolerance in accordance with IEC62.

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Features :
  1. Low inductance
  2. Solid rod carbon composition
  3. Power rating 1/4W and 2W
  4. Resistance range 1.8Ω ~ 22KΩ
  5. Resistance tolerance J(±5%), K(±10%) and M(±20%)
  6. High pulse withstanding and high energy capability
  7. Products with Pb-free Terminations and RoHS compliant
Applications :
  1. Strobe Lighting
  2. High Power Lighting
  3. Medical defibrillators
  4. Welding, Automotive
  5. Inrush Current Limiting
  6. High Voltage Power Supplies
  7. Protection (e.g. Discharge Circuits, Surge Protection)
Dimensions (Unit: mm) (CCR)
Type Power Rating L Φ D H Φ d
CCR 1/4W 6.3 +1.0 2.3±0.3 27±3 0.60±0.05
CCR 1/2W 10 +0.5 3.5±0.3 27±3 0.68±0.05
Ratings Specifications (CCR)
Type Power Rating Resistance Range Tolerance E12,E24 Max Working voltage Max overload Voltage Rated Ambient Temp. Operating Temp. Range
CCR 1/4W 2.2Ω ~ 12MΩ J(±5%)
250V 400V +70°C -55°C ~ +125°C
CCR 1/2W 2.2Ω ~ 22MΩ 350V 700V +70°C -55°C ~ +125°C
CCR 1W 2.2Ω ~ 22KΩ 500V 1000V +70°C -55°C ~ +125°C
CCR 2W 1.8Ω ~ 10KΩ 500V 1000V +70°C -55°C ~ +125°C
Rated Voltage = or Max. working voltage,whichever is lower.
Derating Curve (CCR)
Performance (CCR)
Description Performance Requirements Test Method
Resistance Temperature Coefficient Resistance Range Maximum Resistance Value Change % Test Temperature
+20°C /-40°C /+20°C /+100°C /+20°C
-40~+20°C +20~+100°C
<1KΩ ±6.5% ±5.0%
1.1KΩ ~10KΩ ±10% ±6.0%
11KΩ ~100KΩ ±13% ±7.5%
11KΩ ~1MΩ ±15% ±10%
1.1MΩ ~10MΩ ±20% ±15%
>11MΩ ±25% ±20%
Short-time Overload Δ R≤±2.5% Rate Voltage*2.5 or maximun overload voltage (the lower)5sec.
With Standing Voltage No flashover or breakdown 2times maxium working voltage 1 minute
Terminal Strength Pulled ΔR≤±2% No visible damage Load 10N 10s
Winded Load 10N 4*90°
Twisted 3*360° in opposite direction
Resistance to vibration No visible damage 10~50Hz 3 direction 2 hours each
Solder-heat Resistance ΔR≤±5% Marks legible,no visible damage 350°C 4mm from the body,3 seconds
Solderability At least 95% if the dipping surface must be covered by new solder,no flaws gathered. 235°C 2mm from the body,2 seconds
Temperature Cycle ΔR≤±2%
No visible damage
-40°C(30min.)/85°C(30min.)5 cycles
Humidity ΔR≤±10% No visible damage 40°C 95% RH 240 hours
Load Life ΔR≤±10%
No visible damage,marks legible
Rated voltage or maximum working voltage, 1.5 hours on, 0.5 hours off, 40°C 1000 hours
Order Codes (CCR)
CCR 1/2W 120R K P
Power Rating(W)
Resistance Value(Ω)
2R2 2.2Ω
120R 120Ω
1M2 1.2MΩ
22M 22MΩ
Resistance Tolerance(%)
J ±5%
K ±10%
P Bulk