Kelvin Current Sense Resistor (LPS)

Direct's low value 4 lead kelvin current sensing (LPS) resistors family
offers a variety of possibilities for current shunts.

The (LPS) family for shunt is expected to gain wide acceptance in the worldwide market as a result of offering a variety of possibilities.

The U-shaped semi-customized LPS family for direct board mounting is specified for precision current sensing, feedback, current detective, supper low inductance, as well as surge and pulse applications. LPS family Available in very low ohm (0.002Ω ~ 0.05Ω) and high power (1W ~ 5W).

The dimensions of the semi-customized final unit is designed in accordance with the applicational requirements of resistance value and required power rating. Direct's LPS series can be manufactured with 2 or 4 soldertags (terminals). The LPS type B with 2 soldertags (1 pin on each side) is a standard part of LPS series and type A with 4 terminals (2 pin on each side) is used either for Kelvin connections or for high current applications. Depending from the alloy material's thickness, one terminal contact on each side can carry up to 50A (A (Current) = (W (Power)/Ω (Resistance))1/2), so a 4-terminal part can carry 100A (ask Direct factory).

Operating temperature range is -50°C to 300°C with tolerances ±2%, ±5%, and ±10%.

Direct will also produce low value current sense resistor LPS series outside these specifications to meet customer requirements.
Contact us with your specific needs. Download PDF Specification Kelvin Current Sense Low Value Resistors (LPS).

Features :
  1. Radial leads.
  2. Non-inductance.
  3. Solderable Copper Leads.
  4. Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.
  5. ±2%, ±5%, ±10% standard tolerance.
  6. High stability bare metal element open air resistor.
Applications :
  1. Automotive, Feedback System.
  2. Residual Battery Power Detection.
  3. CPU Drive Control, Power Tool Motor controls.
  4. Power Supply Shunt, Current Detective, and Current Sensing.
  5. Inverter and Switching Power Supplies
  6. High power AC/DC detection.
Dimensions (Unit: mm) Open Air 4-T & 2-T (LPS)
Semi-customized (LPS) Dimensions Type A - Four Terminal for Kelvin Connection
Semi-customized (LPS) Dimensions Type A - Four Terminal for Kelvin Connection
Semi-customized (LPS) Dimensions Type B - Open Air Low Value Two Terminal Resistor
Semi-customized (LPS) Dimensions Type B - Open Air Low Value Two Terminal Resistor
Type Power Rating (Watts) Resistance (Ω) RM (mm) H (mm) Max.
LPS359-008 1 R005~R05 5 ~ 30 20.0
LPS359-009 2 R005~R02
LPS359-010 3 R003~R01
LPS359-011 5 R002~R005
1. W, T and H depend on material, resistance value and required power rating.
2. RM: 5~30 mm, preferably in 5 mm-steps. Special varieties on request.
3. M: Measuring point.
Characteristic Specification (LPS)
Test Items Specification
Resistance R002~R05
Tolerances ±2%, ±5%, ±10%
Temperature coefficient Upon request
Insulation voltage Non insulated
Insulation resistance Non insulated
Derating, linear 70~300°C(0W)
Climatic category 55/155/21
Temperature range -50~300°C
Endurance (P70, 70°C, 1000 Hrs.) ΔR≤±2%R
Damp heat, steady state (40°C, 93% r.h., 56d) ΔR≤±2%R
Climatic sequence ΔR≤±0.5%R
Terminal strength None
Terminal tensile strength None
Resistance to soldering heat (350°C, 3.5s) ΔR≤±0.5%R typ.
Solderability (Solder bath method 235±5°C, 2±0.5s) Good tinning (≥ 90 % covered), no visible damage
Order Codes (LPS)
LPS359-008 B 3 R024 J P
Part Number
Terminal Type
A 4 Terminal
B 2 Terminal
Power Rating
1 1 Watt
2 2 Watt
3 3 Watt
5 5 Watt
Resistance Value (Ω)
R002 0.002Ω
R010 0.010Ω
R022 0.022Ω
R050 0.050Ω
G ±2%
J ±5%
K ±10%
P Bulk