Light Sensors - Explanation Of Product Code

Part Number
PT Phototransistor
PD Photodiode
Chip IC Code
DC Dark Transparent
AC Water Clear
GC Dark Green
BC Dark Blue
FC Dark Transparent,
anti visible light interference.
3 3 mm
5 5 mm
0603 1.2×0.8 mm
1206 3.2×1.5 mm
3528 3.5×2.8 mm
PE Plate Edge
PN Plate None
BE Bullet Edge
BN Bullet None
HE Helmet Edge
HN Helmet None
Spectral Bandwidth
520 520 nm
550 550 nm
580 580 nm
850 850 nm
940 940 nm

Light Sensor Storage and Precaution


  1. While packages are on one circuit board, avoid mismatching in the thermal expansion of each component, generate cracks in the package and break the bonding wire.


  1. Do not immerse plastic parts in tin tank.
  2. During soldering, when adding thermal stress in a moisture absorbing state, moisture evaporates, swells and generates stress to the internal package.
  3. To avoid swellings and cracks in the surface of the package, followsoldering conditions below.
  4. Wave soldering method: 120°C < 60s、260°C < 5s.
  5. Manual soldering: 260°C < 5s、340°C < 3s.

Lead-forming and cuttings:

  1. Before soldering, perform lead forming at normal temperature.
  2. While forming or cutting the lead, stay the area at a distance of 5 mm or greater from the root of the lead.
  3. Avoid mounting which may cause force on the root of the lead.


  1. Without opening the original wrapper, the recommended storage environment is: 5°C ~ 30°C, Humidity less 85%.
  2. After opening the original wrapper, the recommended storage environment is: 5°C ~ 30°C, Humidity less 60%.
  3. This product is humidity sensitive device. In order to avoid moisture absorption after unpackage, it is recommended that the opened packaging be stored in an airtight container with desiccant.
  4. After opening the package, the original should be used within 12 hours.
  5. If the desiccant fails or the device is exposed to air for more than 12 hours. Should be used for dehumidification treatment at 60°C / 24H.


  1. Do not wash with water to avoid corrosion.
  2. Under any circumstance, the cleaning time should be within 1 minute of normal temperature.
  3. Alcohol is recommended as a cleaning agent when cleaning products.
  4. If you use other cleaning agents, you need to confirm whether the cleaning agent will corrode the epoxy body.
  5. Freon can not be used as a cleaning agent.
  6. When cleaning products with ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic power and time should be less than 300W and 30 seconds, respectively.
  7. PCB and product can not touch the oscillator. Can not make the product on the PCB resonance.
  8. This model is static sensitive devices, so static electricity and surges can damage the product.
  9. To all the equipment, machines, tables, and the ground must be anti-static ground.
  10. Requires the use of anti-static wrist strap wear.

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