Common-Mode Choke Coils (TCB7T)

Leaded type common-mode choke coils clean up high speed signals. Direct TCB7T series wire-wound common-mode choke coil includes a magnetic core having a winding core portion and a pair of flanges provided at respective ends of the winding core portion, external electrodes provided on the respective flanges, a pair of windings wound around the winding core portion, each end of the pair of the windings being extended and connected to the external electrode.

For designers seeking to suppress common mode noise on high speed differential signal lines, without distortion, Direct has announced the TCB7T Series of compact through hole common-mode choke coils. Taking advantage of Direct's advanced winding technology and superior ferrite materials, the TCB7T coils are ultracompact and provide accurate transmission of high-speed differential signals.

Common mode choke coil circuits are increasingly being used for the effective suppression of common mode noise without distorting the waveform of high-speed signals. The TCB7T wirewound coils measure just 7.2 x 7.1 x 4.5 mm in maximum profile, with a tight ±0.5 mm dimensional tolerance, making them ideal for today's high speed products, particularly those incorporating double balance mixers, impedance transformers,broad-band transformers applications.

Custom parts are available on request. Direct will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information. Download complete specification Wire Wound Common-Mode Inductors (TCB7T) PDF (369KB)

Features :
  1. Pair wire coil for high stability.
Applications :
  1. Double balance mixers, impedance transformers.
  2. broad-band transformers.
Leaded Type (TCB7T) Configurations & Dimensions
Leaded Type (TCB7T) Configurations & Dimensions
Type A(max) B(max) C ± 1.0 D ± 0.5 E ± 0.05
TCB7T 7.2 7.1 2.6 4.5 0.5
Note:Design as Customer's Requested Specifications.
Part Number Winding Turns Operating Freq. Ranges (MHz) Insertion Loss (dB) Figure
Double balanced mixer
TCB7T - 456DB1013 1 50 ~ 400 10dB(max) 1
TCB7T - 456DB1014 2 10 ~ 1.0 GHz 6dB(max) 1
TCB7T - 456DB1005 3 8 ~ 800 3.5dB(max) 1
TCB7T - 456DB1006 4 6 ~ 600 2.5dB(max) 1
TCB7T - 456DB1007 5 5 ~ 500 2dB(max) 1
TCB7T - 456DB1009 2 400 ~ 1.3 GHz 4dB(max) 1
TCB7T - 456DS1012 - 20 ~ 600 In to Out-1,2 4.5dB(max)Out-1 to Out-2 (Isolation)10dB(min) 2
Directional coupler
TCB7T - 456PS1015 4 6 ~ 600 In to Out-1 1.3dB(max) In to Out-2 11dB-14dB 3
TCB7T - 456PS1016 5 6 ~ 600 In to Out-1 0.9dB(max)
In to Out-2 13dB-16dB
TCB7T - 456PS1011 6 6 ~ 600 In to Out-1 0.8dB(max) In to Out-2 15dB-17dB 3
Leaded Type (TCB7T) Pin connections Diagram
Leaded Type (TCB7T) Pin connections Diagram
TCB7T - 456DB1013
1 2
Part Number
456DS Distributor
456PS Directional coupler
456DB Double balance mixer